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  • Menopause: An In-Depth Exploration

    Understanding Menopause

    Menopause is a natural and inevitable phase that all women go through at some point in their lives. It marks the end of fertility and the cessation of the menstrual cycle. Understanding the various aspects of menopause is crucial for women to navigate this transformative period with confidence and ease.

  • Natural Remedies to Improve Breathing Pattern Disorders (BPD)

    Breathing Pattern Disorders (BPD) can cause significant discomfort and disrupt your daily life. Fortunately, there are several natural remedies that can help improve your breathing and alleviate the symptoms of BPD. By understanding the science behind BPD and seeking the right diagnosis, you can embark on a journey towards better breathing.

  • Natural Ways to Manage Ulcerative Colitis

    Ulcerative colitis is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease that affects the lining of the colon and rectum, causing symptoms like abdominal pain, diarrhoea, and rectal bleeding. While conventional medical treatments can provide relief, many individuals with ulcerative colitis are interested in exploring natural ways to manage their condition. In this article, we will discuss various strategies and lifestyle changes that may help alleviate symptoms and improve overall well-being.

  • Asthma: Causes, Symptoms, and Natural Management Techniques

    Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It is characterised by inflammation and narrowing of the airways, leading to difficulty in breathing. Although asthma cannot be cured, it can be effectively managed through various techniques, including medication, lifestyle changes, and natural remedies. In this article, we will delve into the causes, symptoms, and natural management techniques for asthma.

  • The Connection Between Sleep and Heart Disease

    Sleep plays a vital role in our overall health and well-being. Not only does it restore our body and mind, but it also has significant implications for specific health conditions. One such condition is heart disease, a leading cause of death globally. Researchers have found a compelling connection between sleep and heart disease, highlighting the importance of quality sleep in maintaining heart health.

  • Why Sleep is The Best Insurance Policy for Lifespan and Healthspan

    Sleep is a fundamental aspect of our lives that is often overlooked. In our fast-paced and overly stimulated world, getting enough quality sleep has become a luxury for many. However, research has consistently shown that sleep is not only essential for our daily functioning but also plays a crucial role in our long-term health and well-being.

  • Natural Ways to Manage Food Allergies and Intolerances

    Food allergies and intolerances can significantly impact a person's quality of life. These reactions occur when the immune system mistakenly identifies certain foods as harmful and reacts against them. Unlike allergies, intolerances do not involve the immune system but rather an inability to digest or process specific food components. While medical interventions exist to manage these conditions, many individuals prefer exploring natural methods. In this article, we will discuss various natural ways to manage food allergies and intolerances.

  • The Link Between Antibiotics and Your Immune System

    Antibiotics have revolutionised the field of medicine and have saved countless lives since their discovery. They are powerful drugs that have the ability to kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria, thereby helping us to overcome various infections. However, our immune system, which is responsible for defending our bodies against harmful pathogens, plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of antibiotics.

  • Living with Lactose Intolerance: Symptoms, Causes, and Management

    Lactose intolerance is a common digestive disorder that affects a significant portion of the population. Understanding the condition, its symptoms, causes, and management is crucial for those who live with it or suspect they may have it. In this article, we will explore these aspects in detail.

  • The Importance of Prioritizing Sleep for Your Health and Wellbeing

    In our fast-paced and busy lives, sleep often takes a backseat. However, prioritising sleep is crucial for our overall health and wellbeing. Sleep plays a vital role in various aspects of our lives, from our physical and mental health to our emotional balance and productivity. Understanding the science behind sleep and its impact on daily functioning can help us realise why it should be a top priority in our lives.

  • Understanding and Managing Fatigue: Causes, Symptoms, and Types

    Fatigue is a common complaint that many people experience at some point in their lives. It can be caused by a variety of factors and can have a significant impact on a person's daily functioning and overall quality of life. Understanding the causes, symptoms, and types of fatigue is crucial in managing it effectively. In this article, we will explore the different aspects of fatigue and provide insights into how to cope with it.

  • Improving Your Mood: How Your Gut Health Affects Your Mental Health

    The importance of gut health goes far beyond digestion. Research has increasingly shown that the health of our gut plays a significant role in our mental well-being. In this article, we will explore the fascinating intricacies of the gut-brain connection and how improving our gut health can lead to better mood and mental health.

  • Unlocking the Power of Your Microbiome: A Guide to Gut Health

    In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the role of the microbiome in human health. The microbiome refers to the trillions of microorganisms that reside in our gut, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Understanding the microbiome is key to unlocking its power and improving our gut health.

  • Natural Ways to Manage Menopause Symptoms for Women Aged 40-60

    Menopause is a natural transition that occurs in a woman's life as she approaches middle age. It marks the end of her reproductive years and comes with a variety of physical and emotional changes. Symptoms can vary from person to person, but common ones include hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and sleep disturbances. While menopause is a natural process, managing its symptoms can be challenging. In this article, we will explore some natural ways to effectively manage menopause symptoms for women aged 40-60.

  • The Complexities of Women's Health: Navigating Hormonal Imbalances and Stages of Life

    Women's bodies are complex and intricate, with many factors influencing their overall health and well-being. Hormonal imbalances can present challenges at different stages of life, from puberty to menopause and beyond. In this article, we will explore the various hormonal imbalances that women may experience, how to diagnose them, and the treatment options available.

  • Iron Deficiency and Anemia: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options

    Iron deficiency and anaemia are two very common health conditions that affect millions of people worldwide. If left untreated, they can lead to severe health problems and potentially even death. In this article, we will dive deep into the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for iron deficiency and anaemia.

  • Understanding the Causes and Symptoms of Constipation for Effective Relief

    Constipation is a common digestive problem that affects millions of people around the world. If you're experiencing constipation, you understand the discomfort and inconvenience that comes with it. In this article, we'll explore the causes and symptoms of constipation and provide you with effective relief strategies to get your digestive system back to functioning optimally.

  • Everything You Need to Know About Food Allergy and Sensitivity Testing Methods

    Food allergy and sensitivity testing is becoming increasingly common as more and more people experience issues with certain foods. If you've been experiencing symptoms such as hives, swelling, diarrhoea, and vomiting after eating certain foods, it may be time to consider getting tested. In this article, we'll take a closer look at everything you need to know about food allergy and sensitivity testing methods, including what they are, the types of tests available, and how to prepare for them.

  • Achieving Clear and Glowing Skin: Expert Tips for Acne Sufferers

    Acne is a skin condition that affects millions of people around the world. It can be frustrating, embarrassing, and even painful. However, with the right treatment and lifestyle changes, it is possible to improve the appearance of your skin and achieve a clear, glowing complexion. In this article, we will discuss expert tips for acne sufferers, including the causes and types of acne, skincare routines, lifestyle changes, and medical treatments.

  • Food Reactions: Knowing the Difference Between Allergies, Sensitivities, and Intolerances

    Food reactions can be confusing and, in some cases, life-altering. Some people must be vigilant about which foods they consume, while others may experience mild discomfort. It can be difficult to understand whether you have a food allergy, sensitivity, or intolerance. In this article, we will decode the differences between these three types of food reactions and help you understand how to identify them.

  • Histamine Intolerance: Symptoms and How to Identify Them

    Histamine intolerance may be a term that’s unfamiliar to many, but more and more people are now discovering that they may be suffering from this condition. This is because histamine is present in many foods and drinks, and can be produced by the body as well. When the body is unable to break down histamine properly, it can lead to a range of symptoms that can cause inconvenience and discomfort to the sufferer. In this article, we’ll outline what histamine intolerance is, its symptoms, and how to identify them.

  • Parasite Infection: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

    Parasite infections are a common problem that affect millions of people worldwide. These infections can cause a range of symptoms, from mild discomfort to severe illness, and can be difficult to diagnose and treat. In this article, we will explore what parasites are, how they enter the body, and the various symptoms, treatment options, and prevention methods available for different types of infections.

  • Boosting Your Health and Wellness: Simple Steps for Better Gut Health, Mental Clarity, and Energy Levels

    Maintaining good health and wellness is essential for leading a happy and fulfilling life. Unfortunately, many of us neglect our health as we get caught up in the stresses of daily life. However, taking care of yourself doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming. In this article, we'll explore some simple steps you can take to boost your gut health, mental clarity, and energy levels to help you feel your best.

  • Natural Supplements for Fighting Fatigue - Boost Your Energy Levels Now

    Feeling tired all the time? Struggling to get through your daily routine without a pick-me-up? Fatigue is a common issue that affects millions of people across the world. But, did you know that there are natural supplements that can help? In this article, we'll explore the top natural supplements for fighting fatigue and boosting your energy levels.

  • Vitamin D Explained

    Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that plays a crucial role in our overall health and well-being. It helps our bodies absorb calcium and phosphorus, two minerals that are essential for maintaining strong bones and teeth. Apart from its effects on bone health, research has shown that vitamin D also supports the immune system, improves mental health, regulates mood, and aids muscle function and performance. In this article, we will explore all the essential aspects of vitamin D, its benefits, sources, and deficiency.

  • Understanding the Importance of Tracking Your Blood Glucose Levels

    If you’re living with diabetes or have concerns about your blood sugar levels, tracking your blood glucose is an essential part of your health care routine. It allows you to monitor how your body’s response to food, exercise, and other factors affects your blood sugar levels, giving you a better understanding of your overall health and wellbeing.

  • The Role of Hormones and Neurotransmitters in Mental Health and Depression

    Mental health and depression affect millions of people worldwide, making it a significant concern for healthcare professionals and individuals. Several factors, including genetics, environment, and lifestyle, impact mental health. However, the role of hormones and neurotransmitters in regulating mental health and depression is gaining attention. These chemical messengers play a crucial role in brain function and have a significant impact on mood, behaviour, and overall mental well-being. In this article, we will delve deeper into understanding hormones and neurotransmitters, their interaction, and their impact on mental health and depression.

  • 10 Warning Signs of Candida Overgrowth

    Candida overgrowth is a common issue that affects many people around the world. It is caused by an overgrowth of the Candida fungus in the body, which can lead to a wide range of health problems. In this article, we will discuss the 10 warning signs of Candida Overgrowth that you should know about.## Understanding Candida Overgrowth

  • Unlocking the Link Between Gut Health and Migraine: Tips for Improving Nutrient Absorption

    If you're one of the millions of people who suffer from migraines, you know just how debilitating these headaches can be. The pain, sensitivity to light and sound, and nausea can make it difficult to do anything except lie in a dark room until the migraine passes. While there are many factors that can contribute to migraines, one that is often overlooked is gut health. Our gut health plays a critical role in nutrient absorption, inflammation, and overall health, all of which can impact migraine frequency and severity.

  • Top Natural Remedies to Improve Your Sleep Quality

    Sleep is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Not only does it help our physical, emotional, and mental well-being, but it also affects our productivity and creativity. Yet, many of us struggle to get quality sleep. In this article, we will discuss the top natural remedies to improve your sleep quality.

  • Intermittent Fasting: Pros and Cons

    Intermittent Fasting (IF) is becoming an increasingly popular way of eating for many people seeking improved health and weight loss. However, as with any dietary approach, there are both benefits and possible drawbacks to consider before embarking on an IF regimen.## Understanding Intermittent Fasting (IF)

  • Natural Ways to Support Labor and Delivery Using Essential Oils

    Pregnancy and labour can be a challenging time for any expectant mother, and finding natural ways to support the process is critical. One such method is the use of essential oils, which are concentrated extracts from plants that offer numerous benefits during pregnancy and childbirth. In this article, we will explore the benefits of essential oils during labour and delivery and how to use them safely.

  • Simple Habits to Improve Your Digestion

    Improving your digestion is essential for maintaining good health and overall wellbeing. Good digestion promotes proper absorption of nutrients and keeps your body functioning optimally. In this article, we will explore simple habits that you can incorporate into your daily routine to improve your digestion.

  • Magnesium Deficiency: How to Spot the Signs and Why It Matters

    Magnesium is an essential mineral that plays a vital role in various bodily functions, including nerve, muscle, and heart function. Despite its importance, many people do not consume enough magnesium in their daily diet, leading to magnesium deficiency. In this article, we will discuss what magnesium deficiency is, how to spot the signs, and why it matters.

  • Sleep Science and Quantified Health: Unlocking the Secrets to Restorative Sleep

    For most people, a good night's sleep is essential for physical and mental health and wellbeing. However, achieving quality sleep can be challenging, especially if you're dealing with jet lag, insomnia, or other sleep disorders. Fortunately, thanks to advances in sleep science, it's now possible to leverage quantified health data to track and optimise your sleep hygiene. This article explores the science behind restorative sleep and how to use quantified health data to improve your sleep patterns and boost overall health and wellbeing.

  • Holistic Approaches to Mental Health: Combining Functional Medicine with Mind-Body Medicine

    Mental health has become a growing concern worldwide, with an estimated 700 million people suffering from mental disorders. While traditional psychiatric interventions such as medication and talk therapy have been the go-to methods for addressing mental health concerns, the limitations of these treatments have become more evident. With the rise of integrative and holistic approaches to healthcare, a new innovation, functional medicine, has emerged. By combining functional medicine with mind-body medicine, holistic approaches to mental health can provide individuals with a more comprehensive approach to mental wellness.

  • Data-Driven Nutrition: Using Quantified Health to Optimize Your Diet

    Nutrition is a crucial component of overall health and well-being. However, it can be overwhelming to navigate the myriad of dietary options to find what works best for you. Enter data-driven nutrition, the practise of using quantified health data to optimise your diet. By tracking and analysing your macronutrients, micronutrients, and caloric intake, you can gain valuable insights into how to fuel your body for optimal performance.

  • Cultivating Inner Harmony: Yogic Principles for Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Clarity

    Yoga has been a source of physical and mental health for thousands of years. A practise that originated in ancient India, yoga has evolved into a popular practise around the world. Many people practise yoga for the physical benefits of flexibility and strength, but yoga also offers emotional and mental benefits. In this article, we will explore how yoga can help cultivate inner harmony and promote emotional wellbeing and mental clarity.

  • The Importance of Sleep for a Long and Healthy Life

    There is no denying the importance that sleep holds in our lives. It is a natural biological process that refreshes our minds and rejuvenates our bodies. Quality sleep is essential for our overall well-being and plays a crucial role in our ability to lead a long and healthy life. In this article, we will explore the benefits of sleep for longevity, how sleep can help you live longer, the recommended amount of sleep required, and the adverse effects of sleep deprivation. We will also offer tips on how to improve your sleep and ensure that you get adequate amounts of it regularly.

  • Women's Hormonal Health: Nurturing Balance and Vitality through Healthy Lifestyle Interventions

    As women, we know that our hormones play a vital role in our health and wellbeing. From menstruation to menopause, hormonal changes are a natural part of the female experience. However, when these changes become imbalanced, it can lead to a host of health issues that affect our daily lives. In this article, we will explore how healthy lifestyle interventions can support hormonal balance and promote vitality and wellbeing for women of all ages.

  • Exercising to Promote Metabolic Health and Longevity

    Maintaining good metabolic health is fundamental to ensuring overall well-being and longevity. Exercise interventions that are aimed at promoting metabolic health can help individuals improve their health span, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and boost overall quality of life. In this article, we will discuss the impact of exercise on metabolic health, the types of exercise that are most beneficial, and how exercise interventions can be incorporated into metabolic health management.

  • The Role of Body Composition in Healthy Aging

    As we age, our bodies undergo various changes that affect our health in many ways. One of the most significant changes is in our body composition, which refers to the different proportions of fat, muscle, and bone in our bodies. Maintaining a healthy body composition is crucial for healthy ageing, as it can impact our physical and mental well-being in numerous ways. In this article, we will explore the role of body composition in healthy ageing, and the different factors that influence it.

  • Advanced Body Composition Analysis Techniques for Functional Medicine

    Maintaining a healthy body composition is essential to achieving optimal health outcomes. Body fat percentage, muscle mass, and bone density are just a few factors that contribute to body composition, and advanced body composition analysis techniques can provide a more thorough understanding of these factors. In functional medicine, body composition analysis is an integral part of the diagnostic and treatment process. In this article, we will explore the benefits of advanced body composition analysis techniques, such as DEXA, bioelectrical impedance analysis, and 3D body scanning, and their role in functional medicine.

  • The Benefits of Functional Medicine for Chronic Illness Management

    Managing chronic illness can be a daunting task, especially if conventional medicine has been unsuccessful in providing relief for your symptoms. However, there is hope in the form of functional medicine. This approach to healthcare looks at your body as a whole system, rather than just addressing individual symptoms. Here are some of the benefits of functional medicine for chronic illness management.

  • Get Rid of PMS For Good

    Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a condition that affects many women worldwide. It refers to the physical and emotional symptoms that women experience a few days before their menstrual cycle. The symptoms can range from mild to severe, and they can interrupt daily activities.

    Correlation between diet and PMS

  • 3 Ways a Mind-Body Medicine Practice Can Help You Lead a Healthier and More Prosperous Life

    In recent years, the importance of mind-body medicine practises has been gaining attention in the health and wellness industry, and for good reason. These practises aim to connect the mind and body to promote overall health and well-being, leading to a more prosperous life. Here are 3 ways incorporating mind-body medicine practises into your life can help you lead a healthier and prosperous life.

  • Healing leaky gut: days 5 and 6

    Saturday morning. Many hours in the kitchen were on today's schedule. My stomach doesn't hurt as much anymore and I'm glad! My body feels lighter, but I've had energy dips during the day. It feels like my body is adjusting to real food after all the Christmas food and sugar intake in abundance.

  • Do I have a leaky gut?

    About 70 % of the people with leaky gut have gut-related problems. This means that 30 % have symptoms that are not directly related to the gut. If you have one or more of the symptoms or conditions described below, you most likely have a leaky gut! But don't despair! There is a lot you can do to heal your leaky gut!

  • Why do I have a leaky gut?

    We consume between 3-7 tonnes of food in our lifetime! Some of the food you put in your mouth is not very good for you, as you probably already know. But is it just the food that can cause a leaky gut?

    This is part 3 of 4 about leaky gut. In this series of articles I will answer the questions:

  • How do I heal my leaky gut?

    There are several great techniques to consider when healing your leaky gut! Getting your gut health under control is all about looking at the bigger picture, and taking a holistic approach. We are complex creatures, but we all have the same basic needs.

    This is part 4 of 4 about leaky gut. In this series of articles, I have answered the questions, among others:

  • Healing leaky gut: day 8

    Woke up at 6 am after 7 hours of sleep and felt refreshed. That hasn't happened in a long time! Today I have spent many hours in the kitchen and in front of the computer. Starting to get a handle on things and have planned the week based on how much time I have to spend in the kitchen. All breakfasts have to be prepared beforehand, there is neither time nor interest to stand in the kitchen and cook in the morning. Most of the food I cook or at least prepare at lunchtime, in the afternoon I have no time to be in the kitchen and dinner must not take more than 30 minutes to prepare. The whole family eats dinner together and I usually make pasta, rice or mashed potatoes for the children. I also have to cook enough to make 3 lunch boxes the next day (here in the US we send lunch boxes to school and kindergarten).

  • Healing leaky gut: day 1-30, evaluation

    How has my project "Healing leaky gut" actually gone? This is my evaluation of "Healing Leaky Gut: Days 1-30 (Jan 4-Feb 3)".

    Before the project started, I wrote, among other things:

    "It will first be 30 strict days, when my focus will be to eat food that is nutritious as well as anti-inflammatory. This includes eliminating soy, dairy, eggs, caffeine and nuts from my diet and then one by one testing and reintroducing them again during February, but only if my body allows. The goal is to try to understand which of the eliminated products doesn't work for me, i.e. to try to understand what it is that gives me inflammation and a leaky gut. Description in detail of this method will come in a later blog post."

  • What is a leaky gut?

    In particular, there are five health conditions that people in the Western world complain about the most right now: digestive issues, obesity, fatigue, depression, low sex drive and/or PMS. Imagine if these health conditions could be cured! How much better many of us would feel then!

    This is my first article of 4 about leaky gut. Among other things, I will answer the questions:

  • Healing leaky gut: day 31-90, structure and evaluation

    What happened after my first 30 strict days? How do I feel now? Have I managed to heal my leaky gut? This is a description of how to reintroduce the eliminated foods and how to create a long-term sustainable diet. It is also a personal evaluation of "Healing leaky gut: days 31-90 (4 Feb-3 April)".

  • Healing leaky gut: day 25

    A nice and sunny day! Starting to feel ready for the next step in my project now. Next week I'm going to start introducing eggs back into my diet, among other things, and I feel like that's going to help me in the kitchen. Especially with breakfast. I'm still lacking good alternatives for breakfast, as I find it very difficult to eat meat for breakfast. It just doesn't work. The only meat that I think is ok to eat early in the morning is my new favourite: herb meatballs:-)

  • Healing leaky gut: day 3

    First day without coffee and it has gone very well! I miss the social aspect of drinking coffee and the taste of course. There is nothing better than a really good espresso or coffee latte, I think. So my goal is to introduce this drink as soon as my 30 day project is over (if my body allows...).

  • 9 principles to find the time to accomplish just about anything!

    I've written about it before and I can never get enough of thinking about and experimenting with how to make the time last...

    A while ago I read a very interesting article written by William Hertling. According to Hertling, in order to accomplish almost anything with the time available, a combination of having a goal, making an effort to achieve that goal and getting maximum benefit from the effort made. There are many useful principles for achieving this, and Hertling shares the following in his article (translated, slightly interpreted and abridged version):

  • Some thoughtful words about love!

    There has been so much going on in the world lately, that I am worried about the future of humanity on this planet. I am thinking of IS, Ebola, the Ukraine crisis, the election results in Sweden with the increasing xenophobia, Russian submarines and planes going missing, school murders in Seattle and the attack on the Prime Minister of Canada etc etc. This article was written at the end of 2014, but is still very relevant!

  • What do you do with your 24 hours?

    Each day has 24 hours.

    We all know that. It's not news. To feel good, we need to prioritise between the basic needs we all have and our other interests, so that these 24 hours are enough. The problem we all face, however, is that these 24 hours never seem to be enough. There is so much we must do and there is so much we want do. So what do we do?

  • Healing leaky gut: days 12 and 13

    What a great day it was! We were spontaneously invited to good friends and she is a master in the kitchen! Dinner was a delight as always when she cooks authentic Pakistani food from scratch. The food is not spicy, but tasty. We had a busy Saturday, so leftovers were the basis for lunch. That castle steak never ends...

  • Healing leaky gut: day 4

    It's been a tough day. I already knew it would be difficult to remove the coffee. However, I wasn't prepared for my stomach to start hurting. I'll wait a few more days and if I don't get rid of that problem, I'll remove coconut products from my diet as well. I already know that the first two weeks are the most difficult and that the positive results will come. I'll wait patiently and work in the kitchen in the meantime:-)

  • Healing leaky gut: day 10

    Wow, I can't believe I've already been doing this project for 10 days! Time is running out. Today has been a good day. My gut is calm again and I'm glad I decided to remove all coconut products from my diet. I've started sleeping better, but most importantly, I'm waking up feeling more alert. Soon it will be time to introduce more movement to my schedule as well. But it's important not to change too much at once, or “everything will just pancake out” and it's no fun failing at things you set out to do. It's better to go slowly and take one thing at a time! Building your health from within takes time and there is no quick fix!!

  • Healing leaky gut: day 24

    One big difference since I started this project is that I feel much more energetic now. And that was one of my goals when I started. It's good to see a difference, because it really motivates me to continue eating healthier, even in the future!

    This project is not meant to end abruptly after 30 days, I see it rather as a test on many levels and that I really give my body a break from everything that could create inflammation and irritation. Continuation will follow even after the first 30 days, when for example eggs, coffee and chocolate will be back in the diet, if my body allows.

  • Healing leaky gut: day 18

    I know I'm getting bored and monotonous with my breakfasts, but for the past year I've been drinking smoothies every morning and it's hard to let go of the good habit. I feel like it's good for me and I think it's delicious! The difference now is that I don't use dairy, coconut or soy products in my smoothies. Cold tea works just fine as a substitute!

  • Healing leaky gut: day 17

    Another day off, but today with a much more energetic son. He got to help with the cooking, which he usually thinks is super fun. He's going to be a chef when he grows up, he says.

    I decided to go for a walk when my husband finally came home in the evening, unfortunately I felt my bad hip halfway up the hill. I haven't felt it for a long time and I am always so disappointed when it hurts like that. I hope the pain is gone tomorrow when I wake up.

  • Healing leaky gut: day 23

    The kids are more energetic now, but the oldest daughter was home from school today too. Unfortunately, my hibernating means I haven't had time to write the articles about what leaky gut is yet. But anyone waiting for something good...hopefully my articles will be done before I finish these 30 days:-)

  • Healing leaky gut: days 26 and 27

    A tough weekend. It's clearly easiest to keep this eating pattern when the kids are at school or kindergarten. Standing and making pancakes for them, without getting to eat them myself is not a dream scenario, but a weekend tradition...So I struggle on. And I know I've already achieved some of my goals, which is very motivating. I knew there would be tougher days ahead, but I wasn't really prepared for them to come right now.

  • Healing leaky gut: day 22

    Another “stay at home with sick kids-day”, this time with the eldest daughter...Today I made Kale chips and Honey Candied Ginger and Bacon-Apple Burgers with Cranberry Sauce. It's fun to try new creations, especially now that I've prioritised my time in the kitchen. Instead of trying to make the food as quickly as possible, I'm enjoying all the smells, colours and flavours. When was the last time you spent luxurious time in the kitchen?

  • Healing leaky gut: day 21

    My older kids were off from school. My son stayed with me all day. I avoided the kitchen and tried to spend as much time as possible with him instead. He was still not fully recovered from his cold, so it was a quiet "Mommy Day" of indoor play.

  • Healing leaky gut: day 30

    This is my last daily update. Now it's time for part 2 of my Healing Leaky Gut project. I will be focusing on finishing my article series as well as reintroducing cocoa, coffee, soy, dairy, nuts etc into my diet to see how my body responds to it. This will take a while and I'll try to keep you updated on how it's going. Enjoy!

  • Healing leaky gut: day 15

    I'm halfway through the tough part of this project! It actually feels wonderful! I crave coffee and chocolate and now it won't be long before I get to introduce this into my diet again. I'm really looking forward to it! Today there has been some really good food on the menu. If every day looks like this, I have no problem whatsoever in continuing to eat this way. The food is both beautiful to look at, tastes amazing and is healthy! And on top of that, I feel great:-)

  • Healing leaky gut: day 11

    Two steps forward, one step back...Today I have been extremely tired, despite a very good night's sleep the last few nights. It was so bad that I had ½ cup of espresso after lunch. That didn't help, so I took a nap with my youngest daughter in the afternoon. It's all about listening to your body and trying to understand what it's telling you. Listening and being responsive to your body's signals will take you far. Next week I hope to have time to describe what leaky gut is and how I know that this diet I am now eating will help me feel better. Happy weekend to all of you out there in the real world!

  • Healing leaky gut: day 14

    New week, new opportunities. An intense and busy week ahead, so I'm so glad my energy is back, because I need it more than ever right now. I'm also very happy that I've gotten into new cooking routines including action and planning.

  • Healing leaky gut: day 28

    I decided to reintroduce eggs into my diet today, as we will be away for the weekend and I will not have access to a kitchen. My plan is to prepare food at home and bring at least for breakfast and snacks, and possibly also for lunch. Eggs are super good to bring and easy to prepare.

  • Healing leaky gut: day 7

    Today I have felt stressed. Stressed that everything is taking so long. That I feel like I have no time for anything. That the list of things that need to be done never ends. Well, you understand and recognise that feeling, I guess. I've had a planning day. I've put together the menu for the week and shopped for what I need until Friday. Tomorrow's schedule includes cooking.

  • Healing leaky gut: day 9

    Now things are starting to happen. I woke up at 5 am after 7.5 hours of sleep and was alert. For the second day in a row! I'm getting back into balance. No one else told me I had to do this project, it's something I felt I wanted and needed to do. I did a similar project a few years ago and the result was that I felt like a princess afterwards. That's the target image I have when the sweet tooth or coffee craving sets in. I want to feel like that princess again. Because that princess can't be stopped when she sets new goals!

  • Healing leaky gut: day 29

    Second day with eggs in the diet again. Haven't noticed any negative effects yet, so hopefully eggs will work for me. I will max out this weekend, so on Monday I will be able to evaluate if it is working or not. It's really fun to sit down and write again, part 1 of 4 in my series of articles on "Leaky Gut" is now published.

  • Healing leaky gut: days 19 and 20

    It's been a weekend with sick kids and home crafts. I've been extremely craving coffee and chocolate, but have managed to stay away from my vices:-). I continue to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and my husband is happy every time he sits down at the dinner table. The kids aren't as flirty though, especially now that they've been feelin unwell. But they certainly eat more fruit and vegetables and less sweets now compared to what they did around Christmas.

  • Mother and Daughter's Retreat, May 6-8, 2016, Santa Cruz Mountains, California

    Mother and Daughter's Retreat!

    When: May 6-8, 2016

    Where: Santa Cruz Mountains, California

    Why: For You and Your daughter to Relax, Reflect and Recharge!

    This Retreat is now SOLD OUT!

    Escape the hustle bustle of daily life, and join me on this rejuvenating getaway! Camp Salamander is a quiet and private Retreat located deep in the Santa Cruz Mountains, California.

  • Mother and Daughter's Retreat, October 9-11, 2015, Santa Cruz, California

    Mother and Daughter's Retreat!

    When: Friday October 9, 2015 at 6:00 pm - Sunday October 11, 2015 at 12:00 pm

    Where: Santa Cruz, California

    Why: For You to Relax, Reflect and Recharge!

    This Retreat is now SOLD OUT!

    Escape the hustle bustle of daily life, and join me on this rejuvenating getaway! You will wake up to the smell of salty air as the fog drifts among the pine and eucalyptus trees and fall asleep to the crash of the waves. The stunning beach house where I am hosting this Retreat is brand new and the view from the upper deck is amazing.

  • 10 Simple Ways to Experience Joy - Every Day!

    Happiness can be described as a set of experiences - small or large daily events, which together lead you to a happier life! Some are so small that you may think they are insignificant, but it is actually the small events in life that provide that joy that we all need and have the right to experience and feel - no matter who we are or where we belong!

  • Is it a flower?

    Last Friday, my children and I picked Daddy D up at the train station. We see him walking at a distance and see that he is carrying something.

    - Is it a flower? says V.

    - No, I don't think so, I reply.

    - You didn't ask him to buy a flower, Mum, so it's probably something else, says O.

    It was something else he came carrying. It was not a flower.

  • I am going offline

    It's almost the weekend again. I'm going offline. All weekend. It will be so nice! The computer will not be used and the phone will be on flight mode. I wonder if I can do that?

    Thought of the day:

    Do you ever go offline?

    This article is part of The 50 day challenge, where I challenge myself to write an article a day for 50 days! The articles can be about anything, short or long, but I can't miss a single day!

  • We are energy creatures!

    What a neat word, energy creatures! We live in a world full of energy and we ourselves are also part of that world.

    Earlier today, during a work project, I really felt how this energy clearly can change and how quickly it can happen. For a few days we have been sitting 10 people in a large office and there has been a very positive energy, despite a boring project. We've been working on it and somehow made the boring feel okay. Now, as the project draws to a close, we are suddenly told that we will not be reimbursed for the last day. Because we have worked so well, the tasks will end earlier than expected. When this news reached us in the office, it was as if the air had completely gone out of the room. You could almost feel the energy. Everyone started to work more slowly, the positive spirit just disappeared and no one felt motivated to do a good job anymore. The damage was already done when the employer found out how we, who were working, were taking it all. Despite attempts by the employer to repair the damage, it made no difference to the energy in the room.

  • It's almost comical!

    I wasn't surprised this morning when I woke up and realised I had caught a bad cold! It's almost comical! I have had and have a huge stress load from various sources and the sum of these has broken down my immune system and after a few bad nights sleep, the cold breaks out. When I don't give my body the opportunity to rest and recover it immediately punishes me, bam! And I am grateful! Grateful because I am so sensitive and because I know how my body works.

  • 6 basic principles for a healthy lifestyle during your pregnancy

    The 6 basic principles, initiated by Paul Chek, are based on creating a balance between yin and yang. The yin principles consist of diet, hydration and sleep, while the yang principles consist of breathing techniques, positive thinking and movement. The 6 basic principles for a healthy lifestyle are described in more detail in my previous blog series: Introduction, Diet and Fluid Balance, Sleep, Positive thinking, Movement and Breathing Techniques and Discussion.

  • Yoga Sutras - Thoughtful words about knowing yourself

    When I write the word yoga, many of you probably think of the physical form of exercise - Hatha yoga. However, Hatha yoga is only a small part of yoga and is relatively new compared to the philosophy behind it. Hatha yoga was primarily designed to help people understand and control their body, mind and spirit - themselves - through movement.

  • Childbirth is fast approaching - how can you and your partner best prepare?

    My husband and I are expecting our third child and the birth is fast approaching. So far, the whole pregnancy has been what the medical community calls normal, with good lab results and good health for both me and the baby in my belly. I have experienced almost all of the pregnancy-related issues one can think of, which is part of being pregnant I guess. Now I feel relatively ready to meet this little creation that has lived in my belly for so long, and then return to a non-pregnant existence again.

  • Candles and fluffy sweaters

    It has been raining and the sky has been grey for many, many days now. It affects me and it affects others. Fortunately, I can find one pleasure in the autumn weather and that is to light candles, lots of candles, to make it as cosy as it can get when there is autumn debris outside. And just before bedtime, it's almost a must to curl up on the couch wearing a fluffy sweater with a warm cup of tea on my lap.

  • There are only good children here!

    I think Christmas is the best holiday of the year! I love Christmas! I am NOT going spend my time online in front of Facebook or reading emails on Christmas Eve itself. I'm going to spend time with my husband, my kids and my niece. I'm hoping for the perfect Christmas ham, sunshine and lots of quality time together. There will be homemade food, classic games such as yatzy, cards and monopoly and of course Donald Duck. I need to see Ferdinand smelling his flowers before Santa arrives. Because Santa is important and I really hope he finds his way here because only good children live here!

  • Daily flow in the hamster wheel

    I type the word "flow" into google translate, but can't find a good translation in Swedish. Flow, river, outflow... Well, for me the word means more to find a pace, a content, a level of energy that gives me a feeling of balance and well-being. Every day I aim to be one with that feeling. Some days everything just flows and it feels so damn good, these days I don't even have to think about whether I should do anything different, these days I just flow with it. I don't have to look for it, because the feeling is there all the time. I'm in balance. I'm experiencing everyday flow in the hamster wheel.

  • Improve your focus in daily life

    Some days are completely impossible. To do lists are long and numerous, the phone rings, important emails pop up that need a quick response, the mobile phone beeps countless times, daydreams take over, meetings interrupt the writing when it's flowing best etc etc.

    The ability to focus and be present is the key to good productivity, at work and in everyday life. To focus is to narrow your attention to something specific, to keep your eyes on a specific goal. It is the key to concentration, efficiency and clarity. The problem is that attention is a limited resource and distractions are all around us. There are many different things competing for our attention all the time, and that poses a bigger problem today than ever before. The brain is not built to "have too many balls in the air" all the time.

  • Never distrust your gut

    You can use your gut in many different ways, but one thing is for sure, you should never defy it. That's one of my basic principles.

    A simple example from earlier today was when I came back after leaving the kids at school and preschool. As I entered the kitchen, my gut told me to check the bags from the US one more time, because that's where the missing Manuka honey lie. I don't know why my intuition was giving me these signals at the time, but I did what my intuition told me to do. And sure enough, at the bottom of one of the bags in another bag lies the honey! Just like that. As I had thought and searched before without getting anywhere. And how appropriate that it turned up just today, as the girls and I are struggling with a sore throat.

  • How well are we really coping with today's rapid cultural evolution?

    The biological evolution is going on all the time, albeit at a very slow pace. We humans, like all other living things, change over time by natural selection whether we like it or not.

    Another type of evolution that is more evident in today's society is the cultural one, how we learn new things and how we use our bodies and interact with each other based on learned information. This is also a type of evolution that affects us greatly.

  • Stress in everyday life

    The snow disappeared the day after it came, and it was once again grey and dreary outside. Instead of fussing about the weather, I thought I'd write a few lines about the stress of everyday life.

    There is so much stress in the background of our lives today, I like to compare it to programmes that you don't use, but that makes the computer get warm and buzzy. You can turn these programmes off so your computer doesn't run out of battery quicker than necessary. The same goes for you and me. Get rid of the noise and focus on what's important. How do you do that, people usually ask me. There are different ways, of course, but I recommend that everyone meditate regularly, take walks in nature or just lie on the sofa for a while without anyone/anything disturbing them. It clears your mind and makes it easier to recharge properly! It's all about finding a way that works for you. After all, we're all different!

  • Self-employment and VAB

    This is the third week in a row that I am home with sick children. Nothing serious, but still so much that it doesn't work to be in school or kindergarten. Combining VAB (short for taking care of sick children in Sweden) with starting up the business here in Sweden is not optimal. It's not easy to tick off meetings and phone calls when the youngest has a fever of 40 degrees. The idea is to be able to stay at home in Sweden when the children are sick, but unfortunately I haven't gotten into that system yet, and will be completely without income these days. And now there are a lot of VAB days coming up, we seem to be catching every autumn virus that exists in our vicinity.

  • 6 basic principles for a healthy lifestyle - Discussion (6/6)

    This is part 6 of 6 in my blog series on the 6 basic principles of a healthy lifestyle - the following articles are also included in the series: Introduction (1/6), Diet and Hydration (2/6), Sleep (3/6), Positive thinking (4/6) and Movement and Breathing Techniques (5/6).

    The 6 basic principles work very well when building your health from within. To find the balance between yin and yang, you need to work as much on the basic yin principles: diet, hydration and sleep as on the basic yang principles: breathing techniques, positive thinking and movement. Of course, this is easier to do in theory than in practise. As I wrote earlier, it's easiest to start by making sustainable changes where you feel your resistance is easiest to overcome and then keep working from there. And again, don't make too many changes at once, let it take time!

  • Biting your own toe

    It's time to boost my energy for autumn! During my Detox Light, I not only focus on diet, but I also make sure that movement, meditation and sleep are priorities. Every day for 3 weeks, the following is on the schedule:

    Movement: 30 min

    Meditation: 15 min

    Sleep: 8 h

    I do not specify the type of movement or meditation or when during the day this is done. I try to listen to the body and adapt to the mood of the day. A detox should not be too difficult, because then it is easy to give up.

  • Meeting with myself

    In my calendar today "Meeting with Johanna" was booked. Unfortunately, I did exactly what you absolutely should not do. I ignored that meeting and did something that I felt was more urgent. I tried to catch up and tick off things on my long to do list instead. Now I'm sitting here at night wondering how I could have been so stupid. That to do list will always be there, just with slightly different content from day to day. I would never ignore and disregard a meeting with someone else if it is booked in my calendar, so why did I not prioritise the meeting with myself today?

  • Dreams and visions

    Saturday morning I woke up in the middle of a dream. I was on a peninsula surrounded by warm coral blue water. There I was snorkelling and the most beautiful fish I had ever seen were swimming around me. It was so peaceful, beautiful and warm. A real paradise.

    But I was only there in my dream, slowly waking up to another reality.

  • 6 basic principles for a healthy lifestyle - Positive thinking (4/6)

    This is part 4 of 6 in my blog series on the 6 basic principles for a healthy lifestyle - the following articles are also included in the series: Introduction (1/6), Diet and Hydration (2/6), Sleep (3/6), Movement and Breathing Techniques (5/6) and Discussion (6/6).

    We all have our own set of values that we live by, even if we are not always good at describing them clearly. Values represent the needs we have that must be met in order to live a meaningful life - they define how we want to live our lives. It is only when our lifestyle is in line with our values that we can be truly happy. So take the time and opportunity to question whether you are living your life in a way that makes you happy.

  • Don't forget to take a break

    If the days go by too fast and you feel like you can't keep up, hit the pause button for a while! You need to stop by every now and then to check in and see how you're doing and how you're feeling! It's just at that moment when you feel you don't have time to do this that you really need to do it. The pause button is the best button ever invented. Sit down for a while, turn off the outside world, call it meditation if you like, and breathe. Give your body and mind time to just be for a while. Feel how your body feels. Are you tense somewhere? Does it hurt all over? Or does it feel very good? Are you happy? Do you feel sad? All feelings are okay, accept what is.

  • 6 basic principles for a healthy lifestyle - Sleep (3/6)

    This is part 3 of 6 in my blog series on the 6 basic principles for a healthy lifestyle - the following articles are also included in the series: Introduction (1/6), Diet and Hydration (2/6), Positive thinking (4/6), Movement and Breathing Techniques (5/6) and Discussion (6/6).

    Through evolution, our bodies have been designed to follow natural rhythms. For example, the movement of the sun, moon and earth affects our hormonal rhythms. When the sun rises, it triggers hormones in our bodies that make us wake up in the morning and when the sun sets, it triggers hormones that affect our recovery function during the night.

  • There are always two sides to a coin

    I am often struck by how a situation or event can be perceived in such different ways depending on who you ask. Most of the time we only assume how we think in a situation when something happens to us, we rarely think about how the other party thinks and feels in the same situation.

    Exactly 4 years ago I wrote about this very thing - that everyone should put themselves in the shoes of the other person and try to see what he/she/they see: Yoga Sutras - Thoughtful words about knowing yourself.

  • 6 basic principles for a healthy lifestyle - Diet and Hydration (2/6)

    This is part 2 of 6 in my blog series on the 6 basic principles for a healthy lifestyle - the following articles are also included in the series: Introduction (1/6), Sleep (3/6), Positive thinking (4/6), Movement and Breathing Techniques (5/6) and Discussion (6/6).

    Diet and hydration can dramatically affect your energy levels and biochemical composition, which in turn affects your emotional and mental reality. When our diet is deficient, there is simply not enough energy or focused thought activity to initiate or sustain the changes needed for us to take good care of ourselves. My recommendations based on my own experiences are to vary and rotate the diet, to use only "real" food and to make it as simple as possible so that it works in real life, to eat 5 times a day and to always eat as much as you need.

  • HarmoniExpo and All for Health

    Now I've been out and about at two different events and picked up a lot of inspiration! However, I find it incredibly interesting that they choose to have such a clear division of content at HarmoniExpo and All for Health (Allt för Hälsan in Swedish). HarmoniExpo was held in Solnahallen at the end of October, while All for Health was run together with Sthlm Food.

  • Exciting meetings and conferences

    Now I'm really starting to feel like I'm getting my business off the ground. I have many exciting meetings and conferences to look forward to this autumn! I just wonder if the Swedish market is ready for all my ideas, that remains to be seen:-)

    Thought of the day:

    What are you looking forward to this autumn?

  • I don't like overcrowded days

    I don't like fully booked days, when there is no time for a quiet moment. Today has been such a day. It works sometimes, but not in the long run. Unfortunately, this is exactly how a lot of people choose to live, because it is somehow the norm. That's the way it should be.

    I disagree. We all have different choices. There are choices. There are things I must have and there are things I want. There are things I have to do and there are things I want to do. Ultimately, the choice is mine.

  • How do problems arise?

    I've just started going through old papers in my office and found a note that I remember so well when I was writing. I won't share when this was, but I thought I'd share what I wrote:

    "If you have an opinion about something that you firmly believe in, then that opinion soon becomes your truth.

  • I looove youuuuuu, yes I doooo.

    Today Facebook reminded me of a post I made exactly 5 years ago and it couldn't have been a better day for this post. Just as valuable today, as it was 5 years ago!

  • What do you do to feel better?

    I just had a conversation with an elderly lady who visited the health centre for various complaints. She tells me about this pill here and that pill there and how she wants them to help her so badly. How she wants so much to feel better soon.

    I think during the conversation that it is good that she has sought treatment, but I also wonder what she has done to feel better, so I simply ask:

  • The vicious cycle

    Last night I wrote that I don't like full days and today I can only conclude that one consequence of full days is poor sleep. At least for me. And then hocus pocus I'm in a vicious cycle. I need time for recovery, otherwise I don't switch off at night and have trouble falling asleep and sleep restlessly. The next morning I wake up feeling like I never fell asleep and that's no fun. Especially when a busy schedule awaits again. Tonight will have to be an early night. Hopefully it will help to break the vicious cycle. And next week I'll have to try to plan better! Sleeping 8 hours every night has not been something I've managed during my autumn detox and it feels like a big failure. Because that part of the detox is at least as important as the food I eat!

  • The famous keyhole - A trend that lives on?!

    We sit in the kitchen and eat our breakfast as a family. Before my 8-year-old daughter starts eating, she lines up everything on the table. I ask her what she is doing and she says, as if it is a matter of course, that she puts the packages in order according to how much sugar each product contains. On the far left is the unsweetened almond milk and on the far right is Dad's orange juice...

  • Does full moon affect you sleep?

    The moon affects us more than we might think. Even in ancient farming society, the light from the full moon was used for various outdoor activities such as harvesting, hunting and fishing.

    Traditionally, the full moon has been thought to have supernatural properties, including the ability to summon sinister creatures and turn people into werewolves. Just the thought of it could induce insomnia, but several research reports suggest that sleep problems at full moon are not just a hoax.

  • Almost there!

    Now I'm almost there! So far it's going as expected, some days I could write a novel and others I feel quite uninspired to write. That's precisely the challenge, to keep at it even when something else might be more appealing. To get into a routine, to get a few lines down despite inner resistance. Usually I get into periods where I write a lot (unpublished, so far) and then months can go by without me writing a word. So I thought it would be a little harder than it is with this challenge. Today, however, has been a day when I'd rather do something else than write:-)

  • Detox preparation

    I'm updating last year's autumn detox and it occurs to me that I need to do some proper research on good Swedish products and supplements, as much of what I used last year is unavailable here in Sweden. I've spent a lot of time finding the best in California that has high quality for a reasonable price and now I have to do the same again here. Something I have already learned, however, is that in general (unfortunately) what is most expensive is usually also the best. In that case, I have to decide which products and supplements I really need!

  • Chaos in my kitchen

    Today it will be a late post. It has been a busy and rewarding day. Bringing the kids home relatively late from preschool and after school. Immediately get started on dinner. At the same time, the eldest daughter thinks she should surprise her siblings with dessert, as it's our name day today, both hers and mine. I give my approval and she takes out blueberries from the freezer. I demonstrate in an educational way how to transfer the frozen blueberries to the pie dish in an easy way, then I turn around to continue with dinner. It only takes 2 seconds before I hear a thud and the entire counter and kitchen floor are drenched in blueberries. Oops, is all she gets out. Mom, it didn't turn out the way you showed... There are blueberries everywhere! We're all hungry and tired. Not a good time to cause chaos.

  • Holistic parenting

    I was just listening to a Ted Talk about how we humans develop and what is important in the early years of life. Several British studies show similar results, namely that it is important not to start life in poverty, because then you are more likely not to do well later in life. Furthermore, and even more importantly, all the studies show that parents play an extremely important role in the early years of a child's life. Whether you are poor or rich.

  • Time is running out

    Today is one of those days that has just flown by, without me feeling like I've gotten much done. Do you recognise yourself?

    It's almost time to pick up the kids and then continue the day with cooking, driving kids to soccer and gym practise, laundry, dishes and picking up. In other words, just another day at the office.

  • Amazon Prime and Google Express

    How I miss Amazon Prime and Google Express! In California, I shopped online for almost everything except fresh produce and depending on where I ordered from, it usually took between 1-2 days to get what I ordered to my door and it worked 24/7! Amazon really pushes prices down, so it's also cheaper to shop online than it is in stores. Google Express has the same prices as in store. I didn't pay a shipping fee, but the services I used had an annual fee (which I easily earned when I used them). When something ran out at home, I simply reordered it. I didn't have to run around looking in different stores and I just bought what we needed. That way we saved both time and money.

  • Energizing meetings!

    Sometimes talking to someone you like and enjoy spending time with can give you so much energy. Today I had two such meetings in a row. Wow, I was so energised:-) I was so happy in my whole body, and the sun has been shining all day. Lovely!

    Thought of the day:

    Have you thought about how important friends can be on many levels?

  • 6 basic principles for a healthy lifestyle - Introduction (1/6)

    This is part 1 of 6 in my blog series on the 6 basic principles for a healthy lifestyle - the following articles are also included in the series: Diet and Hydration (2/6), Sleep (3/6), Positive thinking (4/6), Movement and Breathing Techniques (5/6) and Discussion (6/6).

    It's not difficult to be healthy, vital and productive - it's just an active choice you need to make! Once you've made your choice, you need to know what to do to feel better, because there are so many different ways, ideas and pathways to choose from. I know from personal experience that you can do a lot for yourself and your health by following the 6 basic principles that I will describe over the next few days. They are easy to understand and best of all, they work!

  • Time is high up on my wish list!

    I wish for time.

    Time is like an endangered flower, an endangered species. At least if you are a parent and especially if you are the parent of a baby. Being there for a new little person all the time is absolutely wonderful, but at the same time so incredibly time-consuming and binding. In my case, I am available 24 hours a day, and should I have the occasional time to do something else, then I'll also have the energy to do those things I dream about when I'm with my baby all the time, like taking a shower in peace, going shopping, sitting down undisturbed and drinking a cup of tea or, like tonight, getting a whole 2 hours to produce something (writing and working on my website gives me energy, as long as I don't make it a must).

  • Cozy moments

    I absolutely love reading bedtime stories, chatting and then singing my children to sleep. I prefer to do this with one child at a time. The downside is that it's a long time in a dark room and I have a hard time staying awake, but the benefits still win out! On the evenings when both my husband and I are home, we usually take one child each. It's so cosy to read, talk through the day and then get them to fall asleep in peace and quiet. It's so peaceful! So much else becomes unimportant at that time. Usually that's also when I really get to hear what happened during the day and if there's something in particular they need to vent about, it's right then, just before they go off to sleep that it comes out. Not when I ask on the way home from school or at the dinner table, but during bedtime itself. Sometimes there's so much talking that we have to decide on "one last question or comment" for this particular evening.

  • Happy New Year to you all!

    Soon it will be time to say Happy New Year and spend a few minutes summing up the year that has been and fantasising about how next year can be much better or at least as good... It's time to start thinking about New Year's resolutions, if you believe in them...

    But first I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the year that has been. Many people have visited my website and read what I have written and I am very happy about that! The following 3 articles have been the most popular in 2014:

  • Baby massage for all ages - this is how easy, effective and cosy it is!

    When my eldest daughter was a newborn, we went to baby massage together. An 8-week course that have benefited my family enormously. I have streamlined what I learned and I basically only use the belly massage today, which works perfectly on all members of the family! It not only helps with tummy aches in little babies but also to unwind after intense days of daycare/school/work. The massage helps with both gas and constipation, it's like an extra help for the bowels. Periodically we have had a massage session as part of our bedtime procedure and then the babies always fell asleep much quicker and also slept more peacefully throughout the night. So it's minutes well invested every night. And if you want your partner to fall asleep faster, you can give him/her a round too:-)

  • 6 basic principles for a healthy lifestyle - Movement and Breathing techniques (5/6)

    This is part 5 of 6 in my blog series on the 6 basic principles of a healthy lifestyle - the following articles are also included in the series: Introduction (1/6), Diet and Hydration (2/6), Sleep (3/6), Positive thinking (4/6) and Discussion (6/6).

    Life is movement. Your body is made for movement. When you move, your muscles work, moving water, blood and oxygen around your body. If you don't move, these vital substances can't be transported around your body and waste products can't be effectively removed from your body.

  • Favorite presents

    Last Friday was the birthday of our eldest daughter. For a couple of years now, we've been giving our kids experiences instead of gadgets. In this materialistic society, it seems like a wise choice. Of course there will be some physical gifts too, but the ones that are usually most appreciated are what we call "Mother's Day", "Father's Day" and "Family Day". We as parents decide when and what to do on the different days (the kids can have their wishes, of course!). Sometimes the days fall quite close to the birthday, other times we have to wait for our special days. For example, a mom's day might involve luxury coffee at a café, a trip to the cinema or a pedicure/manicure, while a dad's day usually has a sports theme such as skating, watching a live sport etc. The special thing about these days is that you get to be all alone without siblings and do something with a very present parent who isn't busy checking the phone or answering emails.

  • Daddy can't drink chocolate

    Lately, the little one has been making a lot of nice comments from a 4 year old's perspective! Thought I'd share a few of them, the others I'll keep to myself:-)

    My husband travels a lot for work, so there are a lot of video calls. The last few times, the little girl has been kissing the phone hard every time, because Dad is actually on the phone! She sees him and wants to kiss him!

  • Quality real food is essential

    It's been a long time since I wrote about what we put in our mouths. Today I can only conclude once again that it good lies in the simple as I pointed out earlier. If you only have good ingredients, the food tastes fantastic. Had a piece of cod for lunch, seasoned only with a little salt and white pepper. The fish melted in my mouth and the whole thing made me feel so happy and satisfied.

  • 5 Self-care techniques for you to use on a daily basis

    Welcome to Newsletter #3!

    Today I wanted to share the self-care techniques which I use and now implement in my everyday life. They are part of my everyday life, because I believe these techniques are what is needed to maintain daily health and happiness.

    The first time I heard the abbreviation TLC, I had to check it up online! For those of you who haven´t heard of it before, it means Tender Loving Care. During my personal journey I have learnt that it is super important to give yourself TLC everyday! Many of us are taught that taking time for ourselves is selfish, that we need to think of others first. But you can't pour from an empty cup! I have tried it so many times and it just doesn't work! You NEED to take care of yourself first.

  • Retreat in California!

    Everything turned out as I wished and I have now managed to book a long weekend at the wonderful Camp Salamander in the Santa Cruz Mountains, California. The place is extremely popular and is booked up more than a year in advance. I was just notified that I have access to the place thanks to a cancellation. Thanks for that!

  • Stressed

    Today I feel stressed. I am woken up far too early by the children. My night's sleep was shorter than I needed it to be. The whole morning has been negatively affected. I'm not nearly as energetic and not thinking as clearly. Everything is a bit slower.

    What stresses us is very individual. I am extremely sensitive to poor sleep, others hardly react to losing a few hours of sleep here and there.

  • Do you go by gut feeling? Do you trust it?

    Have you ever felt butterflies in your stomach or a lump in your throat? Do you ever get a special feeling in your stomach when you meet someone you like or don't like? Has your stomach told you whether something is right or wrong for you?

    The stomach can be seen as a source of your intuition. Gut feeling is actually not just nonsense! There are now scientists who insist that we humans have two brains, one of which is located in the stomach (you probably know where the other one is located)! The "brain" of the stomach is located under the outer lining and between the muscular layers of the oesophagus, stomach lining and intestines and is better known as the enteric nervous system (ENS).

  • A ship comes loaded!

    A ship arrives loaded - with helpful people and cheerful shouts!

    A week ago I came back home to California after spending a month of my summer in Sweden with family and friends. I don't know if it's like Sweden is going through a big change and/or if it's just me that has changed. This article was written in 2015.

  • Healing leaky gut: day 2

    Day 2 is over. It started off badly, with a really disappointing breakfast and then ended with a super good dinner. My stomach has been extremely bloated during the day and was really sore after lunch. I know I'm sensitive to coconut products, but have decided to keep these in my diet for at least the first week. If my stomach continues to fuss, I will remove these products as well. I don't usually have stomach pain, but I do have other symptoms of a leaky gut which I will describe in more detail in a separate blog post.

  • Lovely lady!

    I just have to write a few words about my little girl's wonderful teacher. She is such a classic preschool teacher, with many years of experience , who really knows children! And she loves her job! I understood that already during the introduction. I feel confident leaving in the morning, because I know E will have a great day at preschool and a lot of that is down to her. Of course, she doesn't work alone, they are a team. But she's the one who does that little bit extra that you might not see, but that you feel. And I like that. I like leaving my children with people who love their job. Just wondering how I would feel if I left my kids with someone who only went to work because they had to. Extra kudos tonight to Mait for letting me bring home a happy and playful girl every afternoon!

  • Healing leaky gut: day 1

    It has been an interesting day. Going from snacking on Christmas food and cookies/candy to strictly following a diet, which includes only the best nutritious and anti-inflammatory ingredients. The transition is sure to take a few days to accept, even as I have prepared myself mentally for several weeks. This change also includes really planning the food, shopping and preparing. Throwing something random together half an hour before food is expected to be on the table will not work. But that doesn't mean that food will take a very long time to prepare, it just requires a little extra planning compared to before.

  • Postpartum Doula - Support at home after childbirth

    I am a trained Postpartum Doula. In California I was never asked what I offer when I work as a Postpartum Doula, now I get asked that question pretty much daily. And I understand why! Sweden has a very different social system built around pregnancy and childbirth compared to some other countries. BUT that doesn't mean Swedish women don't have the same basic needs as women in the US for example. After all, we are all women!

  • Homesickness

    I knew that our move to Sweden would be tough on many levels, but I hadn't predicted this cruel homesickness. I don't even dare to think about Sunnvale because it hurts so much not to be there anymore. Obviously it's much harder to move away from something you love and give up that life, for something you know very little about or don't have such positive memories of. In our case, we are moving to something new-old. Having the energy to start over here is a challenge. And in that situation, homesickness comes knocking. But I don't dare open the door, not yet.

  • Happy New Year 2017, How to Choose Your Next Job, Supporting Mamas and Babies

    Welcome to Newsletter #2!

    I hope you are enjoying the Holiday Season! The New Year is all about new beginnings and new expectations in each and every individual's life. It is one of the best days wherein you can show your love, affection, and care towards yourself, your friends and family members.

  • Things, things, things...

    We moved from California at the beginning of the summer, got the keys to our new home in July and the container of stuff from the US arrived in August. When we moved to California we didn't really know for how long it would be and we didn't have a container in that direction included in our deal, so we chose to store a lot of stuff then (6.5 years ago) and also get rid of some larger furniture etc that wouldn't fit in the storage we were renting.

  • Mommy, Mommy, Mommy! It's snowing outside!

    And then it finally came, the snow! You should have seen the children's enthusiasm this morning! And for our kids, it was certainly long-awaited. In California, it's always blue skies, sunny and warm. The kids have seen snow and skied, but not in everyday life. And it showed when we got dressed this morning. We're not used to it!

  • 7 good habits for effective adults and happy children

    Doesn't it sound great to have a world full of efficient adults and happy children? But how would it work?

    I myself have always tried to please everyone else, tried to meet other people's expectations of me even as a small child, and then when I had children of my own, I thought that the children must be first in line for my attention, maybe I can develop my dreams and have more time when the children are older. But my thinking didn't work for very long, prioritising yourself for someone else and constantly trying to please others is not very sustainable. I disappeared as Johanna and only parts of me remained. Imagine if I had learned as a child the reverse way of looking at things; that I am actually highly responsible for my own life and my visions and that I can go as far as I want as long as I put myself first and when I learn to take care of myself and live according to my visions and goals, I can also take care of others in a much better way. That's how I think now and I know that my children and husband are so grateful to have a strong, determined mother and wife respectively.

  • Honey and Sunshine

    I have just left my children at school and am cycling at a leisurely pace back towards town. I'm enjoying myself and cycling so slowly that I barely have any steering speed. The morning offers blue skies and the Lake Mälaren is completely clear. I breathe in fresh, cold air and boost with new energy for a new day. A very special day. I have so many new ideas in my head, I feel like I just want to go home to the office to sit down and sort out what feels most right to tackle first. But there's no rush, I'll get to what I'm supposed to get to today. Although the list I'll write down will probably be enough work for 10 years to come.

  • Just sit and dangle with your legs

    Writing seems to have become an evening habit. I thought it wouldn't be like this...

    Today I thought I'd spin on cosy moments and how important they are. With three kids in the family, it's hard to find time to spend with just one child at a time, but we try to make it happen as often as possible. Tonight, our son opted out of an activity because he just wanted to sit on the dock and dangle with his legs. I thought it sounded great and we went down to the dock. Realized we hadn't been there together since the quickly passing swimming season.

  • You are creating and doing your own puzzle!

    I love working with holistic health, because many health-related problems are actually preventable. The complexity of the holistic approach is challenging, as you have to get all the pieces of the puzzle and also put them in the right place to form a complete puzzle. At the same time, it is so amazingly cool that you can do so much about your lifestyle and life situation yourself. You make the decisions, you decide, you put the puzzle together and experience the results!

  • Reflections from New Energy Women's Retreat

    The raspberry in my hand feels cold, is dark red and smells wonderful. Before I put it in my mouth I just give the raspberry my full attention for a few seconds using my senses to really appreciate it. When I put it in my mouth I can hear how my teeth breaks it down into smaller pieces as I enjoy the lovely taste. Mindfulness! That is what life is about, to really enjoy, every single part. It is when we allow ourselves to just be, and not always do, that we really understand and appreciate what life is all about.

  • Simplicity

    I have just enjoyed a very good meal in the sunshine. It was raw roast potatoes and leeks with reindeer, green peas and lingonberry jam. Seasoned with salt and pepper. All fried in butter of course. No fuss and very few ingredients. Ready in no time.

  • Prenatal yoga in Strängnäs

    If you are pregnant and live in Strängnäs or next door, then you are welcome to prenatal yoga starting Sunday 12/11! I offer this course in cooperation with Yogahuset in Strängnäs. Focus will be on breathing, light stretching, adapted positions and relaxation exercises.

  • Mysfika at Grassagården

    I'm spinning on good ways to deal with the autumn rush. When the eldest daughter came home after school, we spontaneously went to the Grassagården café. And it was so cosy and the coffee tasted great! We chatted about the week that had been and just enjoyed ourselves for a while.

  • Halloween is approaching

    In California, Halloween is an extremely big and appreciated holiday. I would say that Halloween is even bigger than Christmas itself! Halloween includes school parades, fall festivals, pumpkin patches and many decorated gardens. Almost all children dress up and, unlike here in Sweden, there are no ghosts, monsters and scary creatures, but rather princesses, cartoon characters, homemade cute combinations and the occasional Pikachu. You don't get more dangerous than the picture below!:-)

  • Autumn colours

    It's time for bedtime stories for my youngest daughter. She chooses "Mamma Mu builds a hut". I read "Mamma Mu stood in the pasture. Nice with autumn, she thought. Nice with all the colours on the leaves." Yes, I think, it's beautiful outside right now, especially on a day like this when the sun is shining and the air is warm. Forgetting about the autumn clouds that were here last weekend, I do like Mamma Mu, focusing on the beautiful colours.

  • Today's visit to Gripsholm Castle

    We took a long holiday! The children's school has been closed today due to a teacher-only day, so I took the opportunity to do mommy-school instead:-) We went to Gripsholm Castle to see kings, queens, princes and princesses. I also made sure we had a guided tour in English. Since it's low season, there weren't many people there. None of us had visited the castle before. There were many pictures on the walls and many rooms we got to see. We were so lucky that we got a private tour. The guide was very good and kept the interest of all the children. About half way through the tour the guide asked if we had any questions or concerns. Ellen quickly replies, "I love My Little Pony!" It took a while for the guide to catch on to the comment, I think she was thinking of a question or comment about her presentation.

  • Healing leaky gut: day 16

    It was a day off today. My son is feeling unwell. Good thing I had leftovers in the fridge. For dinner, I managed to make a very tasty and easy salmon with mango salsa. I'm hoping for a speedy recovery, have boosted him with probiotics, fresh fruit (kiwi and oranges) and tea and manuka honey. It should work wonders!

  • Prenatal yoga - Something for you?

    During my pregnancy 2013, I took the opportunity to train as a prenatal yoga teacher in San Francisco and I have been trying out almost everything when it comes to prenatal yoga, both at home in my yoga studio (read garage) and at various yoga studios around where I live. The availability of prenatal yoga was really poor during my previous pregnancies and I had to settle for a book on how to modify different yoga poses to better suit my pregnant body. I would have much rather have gone to a yoga studio and practised with other pregnant women back then. I know that in recent years the range of prenatal yoga has improved in Sweden too, which makes me very happy.

  • Olivia's Reflections from New Energy Mother

    The Mother & Daughter’s Retreat was a weekend of fun, creative mother & daughter time.

    We did all kinds of things, like hiking up to the maze made out of rocks, late nights in the Jacuzzi, teaching yoga to our moms (all the girls and I made a yoga class for our moms to enjoy), drawing a mandala with your mom, and a dress-up and dance surprise!

  • The 50 day challenge - evaluation

    Wow, I've finished! The project is finished! The 50 day challenge was clearly a challenge. Now I am grateful that the project is finished and I feel proud that I did it! I feel like I've finished a marathon. Now, I've never run a marathon, but hypothetically, it's exactly the same feeling.

    The content of the different articles varies from day to day, as expected. It's clear that I'm a mother of young children, trying to make everyday life work, while at the same time trying to start my own business and restart my life in Sweden after having recently moved from California. The articles are about new ideas, work/family balance, everyday stress and much more.

  • Women's Retreat, May 8-10, 2015, Santa Cruz Mountains, California

    New Energy Women's Retreat!

    When: May 8-10, 2015

    Where: Santa Cruz Mountains, California

    Why: For You to Relax, Reflect and Recharge!


    Camp Salamander is a quiet and private retreat located deep in the Santa Cruz Mountains, California. I'll be hosting a small group of wonderful women at this beautiful isolated place, where you will be offered plenty of time for relaxation, personal reflection and to soak in the peaceful surrounding nature.

  • Women's Retreat, March 18-20, 2016, Santa Cruz Mountains, California

    New Energy Women's Retreat!

    When: March 18-20, 2016

    Where: Santa Cruz Mountains, California

    Why: For You to Relax, Reflect and Recharge!


    Camp Salamander is a quiet and private retreat located deep in the Santa Cruz Mountains, California. I'll be hosting a small group of wonderful women at this beautiful isolated place, where you will be offered plenty of time for relaxation, personal reflection and to soak in the peaceful surrounding nature.

  • Women's Retreat, March 9-11, 2018, Santa Cruz Mountains, California

    New Energy Women's Retreat!

    When: March 9-11, 2018

    Where: Santa Cruz Mountains, California

    Why: For You to Relax, Reflect and Recharge!


    Camp Salamander is a quiet and private retreat located deep in the Santa Cruz Mountains, California. I'll be hosting a small group of wonderful women at this beautiful isolated place, where you will be offered plenty of time for relaxation, personal reflection and to soak in the peaceful surrounding nature.

  • Women's Silent Retreat, April 28-30, 2017, Santa Cruz Mountains, California

    Women's Silent Retreat!

    When: April 28-30, 2017

    Where: Santa Cruz Mountains, California

    Why: For You to Relax, Reflect and Recharge!


    Camp Salamander is a quiet and private retreat located deep in the Santa Cruz Mountains, California. I'll be hosting a small group of wonderful women at this beautiful isolated place, where you will be offered plenty of time for relaxation, personal reflection and to soak in the peaceful surrounding nature.

  • 9 ways to treat sore throat naturally

    A few weeks ago, our youngest child started complaining that she had a sore throat and my first thought was: "Oh, no, not now!" I really didn't feel like everyone in the family was going to get sick and in the event of a sore throat also have to take antibiotics!

    So instead of taking her to the doctor, I used my knowledge and compiled a list of what we did to boost her immune system, so that the healing process could begin.

  • Mental pain

    In the past I have chosen not to write about this topic, but because I find it so central and important, I have decided to try to put into words what mental pain can mean.

    Pain, whether physical or mental, is felt and experienced in different ways. It is often difficult to describe pain in words. I would describe pain as an effect of trauma. These are feelings that usually hurt your soul because of something specific that happened and/or affected you. It could be losing someone you love, an assault, prolonged periods of unbearable stress, being in physical pain or some other trauma. Common to all traumas is that not only can trauma haunt the mind, it can also affect the nervous system. Our nervous system learns to cling to trauma as a survival mechanism. This is why we often feel anxious and on guard when we anticipate another traumatic event (Levine, 2010), leading to debilitating symptoms included in what we call post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

  • Physical pain

    Physical pain is coming soon

  • Writing about yourself in the third person

    Have you ever written or talked about yourself in the third person? It feels rather suspicious! Especially when you write about yourself for a sales purpose. Now that I'm building my business from the ground up, this was exactly the kind of task I was given earlier today:

    "Johanna is a certified yoga and prenatal yoga teacher, holistic lifestyle coach and doula. She is passionate about all things related to preventative health, has a special focus on helping pregnant women, and sees yoga and nature as the best sources for re-energizing and maintaining a balance in everyday life."

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Take control of your health. Schedule a complimentary call with Life by Love to see if we can help. We offer personalized support to help you transform your health and feel your best. Take the first step towards a healthy future now.
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Take control of your health. Schedule a complimentary call with Life by Love to see if we can help. We offer personalised support to help you transform your health and feel your best. Take the first step towards a healthy future now.
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